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Enterprise Opportunity Assessment

It’s often tricky to know exactly what good could (or should) look like - letalone knowing where to start.

From understanding behaviour in your business, to the bottlenecks in business processes, document-dependant tasks and even the landscape of your digital data, the opportunity to identify cost reduction and processes improvement opportunities can be time consuming and costly.

Book an EOA

Our Enterprise Opportunity Assessment (EOA) will provide a single snapshot of all information-related cost and opportunity in the business.

You no longer need to contemplate eating the elephant in one sitting. We can help you identify the best place to start your journey to becoming a lean digital enterprise.

From document output to unstructured data, you’ll receive a clean and concise graphical representation of current costs, together with the savings which could be realised.


Let Stratas show you the Art of the Possible. Reduce cost, improve efficiency and create business intelligence.

Stratas Data ForgeTM is a people, process and technology platform designed to improve the Information BackboneTM . By tackling enterprise-wide change on a project-by-project basis, we identify areas for improvement in both the physical and digital document domains and deliver cost-down solutions, allowing you to do more with what you have.