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Create information assets

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Data Forge applications typically fall into four key areas:

  • Paper – physical information assets.
  • Process – working with information assets.
  • Information – harnessing information assets
  • Collaboration – creating information assets and business wealth

We help you reduce your reliance upon documentation by removing documents and automating manual processes. The information you now hold is done so compliantly and has been harnessed to create business value and information assets. 


We help you reduce the cost and the volume of physical documents you produce and hold. Areas of opportunity include:

Digital mail

  • Accelerate your organisation’s responsiveness to customers and internal decision making process by stopping paper at the point of entry into the business, extracting key information and delivering it directly into workflow.

Document capture

  • Free your organisation of paper and enable your business processes to flow electronically. We help you capture, organise and manage your information.

Scanning and archiving

  • Move away from physical storage and manual processes, whilst providing access to all your business information in a controlled, governed manner.
  • Digitise physical document archives to free up floor space and give the business access to its information assets, creating intelligence and business value.

Managed Document Services

  • We can manage down the cost and volume of your document infrastructure, as we help the business produce less paper and become a digital enterprise.

Digital Alternatives

  • By profiling the document output of your business, we can drive content digitally and maximise the multi-channel communication mediums open to you.

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By understanding the key document of your business, we can target the manually intensive processes to help reduce time, cost and risk through automation. We can help with:

Finance automation

  • Finance departments face unprecedented pressure to maintain complete records of all financial materials, including incoming and outgoing invoices, purchase orders, approvals, expenses and more.
  • By moving towards a digital way of working, processes such as Invoice processing, invoice generation and purchase-to-pay can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

HR automation

  • From responding to Subject Access Requests to complying with Retention policies, digitising your HR files reduces risk, cost and aids in compliance.

Automated forms processing

  • 70% of organisations consider scanning and capture improves their speed of response by three fold, or more. Automation of forms processing results in a six fold improvement.

Delivery Note processing

  • From delivery note data submission through to proof of delivery, we provide an end-to-end fully automated delivery notes processing solution with full audit trail that puts you in complete control.

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Find all your documents and data so that you can get rid of what you don’t need and turn what you kept into business intelligence.

Putting your information into a Content Management system enables you to tap into the valuable information contained in documents, precisely where and when you need it, to streamline your business practices.

Create intelligence 

  • Make your unstructured information accessible and useful to every part of the business.

Increase business value

  • Enrich the metadata of all your data and providing your Content Management repository with unprecedented access to all your corporate knowledge.

Reduce cost

  • Remediate your data storage and discarding information that is no longer needed by the business – doing so in a defensible manner.

Control risk 

  • Identify and manage sensitive information, ensuring its retention is well governed

Achieve compliance

  • Through a well-structured framework which governs all information with your organisation.

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Information in document form is a tangible business asset.

But the information which resides in the hearts and minds of your employees is far harder to quantify; extract, store or share.

  • How do you harvest ideas and innovation?
  • How do you drive collaboration and best practice?

Collaboration through our ideas management platform allows people - regardless of their geography - to create, share and refine ideas online. Giving them and you, the power to innovate.

Once those ideas are captured in a physical or digital form – they become information assets, of business and economic value.

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Data Forge can be deployed discreetly in any or all of these areas, helping you realise enterprise wide change, through a project-by-project approach to change.