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Create Intelligence

Data ForgeTM is the revolutionary platform to create a digital enterprise which is more effective.

Redefine your business. Become more competitive! Automate key document processes. Discover, classify, search, control and store any document which may exist in your organisation with speed, accuracy and functionality never before achievable.

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Data ForgeTM is a highly flexible, scalable and integrated platform which is able to affect enterprise-wide change to document and business process:

  • Automate Clerical and Transactional business processes;
  • Implement a unified approach to Information Governance;
  • Fundimentally alter your document output by understanding the content and context of your documents;
  • Move from paper to data and become less reliant upon physical documents;
  • Find all your documents and data. Get rid of what you don’t need;
  • Turn your unstructured data into Business Intelligence and achieve compliance;
  • Stop paper as it enters the business. Extract the relevant information directly into workflow;
  • Store, share, track, process and manage documents quickly and efficiency; and
  • Become more responsive by making your data work for you, not against you.

Compiled specifically to each customer and business challenge, Data ForgeTMcombines the People, Process and Technology to deploy solutions which are faster; more intuitive, accurate and feature-rich than any standalone technology or manual process. 

Data ForgeTM delivers unparalleled process improvement, user adoption, compliance and cost benefit to companies of any size.