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One platform to drive all your document-centric processes.

eFLOW is a document process automation platform powerful enough to drive a wide range of business processes—from digital mailroom to customer on-boarding and communications to financial process automation and more.

eFLOW collects information from different types of inbound documents, then transforms the collected information into actionable data and finally, delivers that data to ERP, CRM, ECM systems for further processing.

An integrated workflow engine gives the eFLOW platform the power to automate end-to-end document-centric processes in accordance with specific business rules.

Modular functionality makes it flexible enough to address the complex and wide-ranging requirements of enterprises:

  • Accounts Payable: Automate the capture, validation and payment of all invoices—regardless of format, size, or language. Our customers use eFLOW to process more than 260 million invoices annually.
  • Digital Mailroom: Automate mail delivery so that every inbound item is accurately prioritized and routed to its correct destination. Large global enterprises that use eFLOW for digital mailroom automation can proactively assess incoming issues and respond immediately to manage their businesses more effectively.
  • Banking Process Management: Banks use eFLOW to digitise, automate and streamline document-centric processes such as account opening, lockbox, mortgage processing and loan origination in a manner that complies with KYC (Know Your Customer), four-eyes and other relevant industry standards and regulations.

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