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Case Study: Digital Transformation for The British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s favourite heart charity and the largest independent researcher of life-saving cardiovascular research. Their research has helped transform the lives of millions living with heart and circulatory conditions. As a not-for-profit charity, the BHF are completely reliant on the generosity of its supporters to fund their research.

Stratas have been streamlining processes for the BHF since 2013. It began with the deployment of print services to 750 shops across the UK and Ireland, which drove initial savings in excess of 50%.

In 2014, Stratas deployed a document scanning and workflow solution to rationalise site communication with centralised Head Office functions. This eliminated postage costs, reduced the time burden for store administration, and delivered a level of business agility which had previously been impossible to achieve. This project alone had a return on investment of 62% and continues to deliver significant savings to the charity.

After the success of this solution, the BHF chose Stratas to design and implement a retail Gift Aid barcode printing system in 550 shops across the UK. Stratas have successfully designed a process that has resulted in a seamless end user experience through support, flexibility and a can-do approach.

We are honoured to have the unique ability to help BHF reach their goals, drive information innovation, and continue to make an impact.

Document Scanning and Workflow Solution

Gift Aid Barcode Printing Solution

Working Together

“Stratas is focused on not only how we do things, but how we could do things. They have shown us the Art of the Possible and current projects will deliver real benefits and tangible cost savings.”

Gareth Julian
Head of Retail Change and Central Operations,
 The British Heart Foundation