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Automate accounts payable with Stratas in 2019

There is no better time to re-evaluate your business processes, reflect on what is currently working and find out what steps could be taken to make improvements.

Manual, paper-based processes are the reason many organisations struggle to manage their accounts payable function. Without a clear view of every piece of information, how can you be well prepared for an audit or supplier query?

If you are still manually entering data into your accounting system, you could be experiencing unnecessary errors and time wastage from highly skilled employees.

Automating the accounts payable function will speed up the whole process, reduce costs, and make the job more bearable for employees, who will now have time to focus on more strategic tasks.

The accounts payable department has the power to provide greater value and versatility to the organisation through analysis and strategy. This can be further enabled with accounts payable automation software, as the data collected will provide an opportunity to recognise payment trends and assess how improvements can be made.

Our solution benefits:

  • Fully integrated: You don’t have to worry about changing existing systems, as our platform integrates seamlessly with most, if not all, finance systems.
  • Improved visibility: Easily search for an invoice in a digital archive when it is time for an audit, reducing the stress usually associated with this task.
  • Permissions: With custom profiles for different roles, you can easily create permissions to give the right people access to the right information, improving security and compliance.
  • Increased control: We understand that not everyone is based in the office, so we give you the functionality to approve invoices on the go from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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