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eBridge Output Management

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e-BRIDGE Job Point 

Large print jobs can be a challenge, even for high-volume printers.

With e-BRIDGE Job Point you can easily increase your productivity by printing on up to 10 Toshiba devices at the same time.

This gives you ten times higher print speed for fast and efficient document output.

  • Increase your productivity by splitting large print jobs and printing simultaneously on several Toshiba e-STUDIO devices
  • Combine the output speed of up to ten Toshiba MFPs to accelerate your efficiency
  • Print on any e-BRIDGE X system in the network by sending you print job to multiple destinations with just one click
  • Benefit from the advantages of e-BRIDGE JobPoint via the easy-to-use Toshiba Universal Printer Driver

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e-BRIDGE Job Build

e-BRIDGE Job Build is an effective software which will boost productivity. It gives you the option to create versatile and complex documents by combining various file types, paper types or settings within only one print job.

  • Enhance your productivity by combining various documents and their individual settings into a single print job
  • Extend your flexibility by mixing paper sources, formats and output settings in one print job
  • Eliminate the time consuming manual sorting and collating
  • Experience the advantages of the e-BRIDGE Job Build features directly in your Toshiba Universal Printer Driver

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e-BRIDGE Job Separator

e-BRIDGE Job Separator is your answer to manually having to separate a large, multi-copy print job into individual batches. This effective and time saving solution will help you improve efficiency and will allow your employees to work on more important tasks.

  • Simplify the sorting and distribution of multiple sets by easily performing batch printing
  • Easily identify each batch thanks to customised separation pages 
  • Increase your productivity by saving your settings for future applications
  • Experience the advantages of e-BRIDGE Job Separator directly in your printer driver

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e-BRIDGE Replicator

e-BRIDGE Replicator is a simple one-touch application to streamline the creation of multi-part forms and documents. It enables you to print multiple sets of the same document, e.g. invoices, receipts or statements, on different paper types (different colour or different paper weight) with only one print job. This way the different copies are easy to recognise and identify.

  • Streamline the creation and distribution of multi-part forms and documents
  • Involve multiple paper sources of your e-STUDIO device in the same print job
  • Replace old carbon-copy by a fully automated, yet simple process 
  • Take advantage of the e-BRIDGE Replicator directly in your Toshiba printer driver

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