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eCopy ScanStation connects your Multifunction Product (MFP) to your company’s email and other networked applications, such as electronic Workflow Systems and Enterprise Content Management Systems.

It provides a low cost, easy to use and instantaneous solution for the distribution and management of scanned documents. All paper-based information can be integrated and shared in a simple operation.

  • Integrate paper documents with your existing enterprise applications easily and seamlessly
  • Send paper documents electronically and securely with a full audit trail
  • Create text searchable files from your paper documents
  • Maximise the use of your IT infrastructure

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Ensuring the safe and seamless capture of information

eCopy delivers secure, streamlined records and document capture and collaboration workflows for your organization. Robust error prevention, recognition and correction features help eliminate data loss and ensure records are captured, classified and archived correctly – and safely.

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Scalable, customisable and ready for work

eCopy ShareScan accelerates paper and electronic document capture workflows while catalysing compliance through records management protocols and policies. The eCopy modular platform architecture gives you the freedom to build the right solution for your company. Select components à la carte or choose from an array of packaged solutions – all of which can be mixed and managed as one system.

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Set your PDF free

eCopy PDF Pro Office is the smart desktop companion for document capture workflows – delivering the powerful PDF features your business needs plus the advanced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities document capture workflow solutions demand. Unleash the true potential of your PDF.

The case for OCR-powered PDF

Add-ons that add real value

eCopy is built on an extensible platform, enabling you to further expand functionality by adding business application connectors and document process extenders. We offer over 100 connectors developed by Nuance and our partners – the most expansion options of any MFP document capture workflow solution.

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Centralise your workflows

The Email and Folder Watching Service monitors network folders and email addresses, allowing your organization to extend eCopy ShareScan capture workflows to electronic documents, files and images from virtually any source – including mobile devices, email boxes and MFPs/scanners not on the list of supported devices.

Workflow & use case examples

  • Mobile capture
  • Back file scanning to digital archive
  • Hot folder monitoring
  • Advanced capture from A4 MFP, network and desktop scanners
  • Searchable PDF/A conversion for eDiscovery and eFiling
  • Back file conversion of patient records into EHR

Advanced security, enhanced connectivity

eCopy ScanStation is a secure kiosk for network scanning applications that demand high security, easy accessibility, accelerated index-data entry and enhanced connectivity to copiers, MFPs and scanners that don’t support embedded applications.

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Develop integrated solutions for powerful results

eCopy SDK enables software developers and system integrators to quickly and easily build integrated, advanced document workflow solutions on the eCopy ShareScan platform. Our powerful data-publishing framework enables interoperability with third-party connectors and extenders, so your team can:

  • Build connectors that streamline capture workflows into any document management and collaboration system.
  • Create extenders that add image and data capture, classification capabilities and more

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