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Information Management for HR: Because people are the most important asset

From onboarding and training to performance reviews and career development, effectively managing your workforce enables you to retain talent and maximise operational expertise. 

Our solution manages, maintains and tracks HR related information, documents and records, as well as standardising and automating HR-related tasks, assignments and processes.


Managing Employee Benefits

Employees may be entitled to receive additional benefits after certain work anniversaries. By applying metadata such as “Start Date” to employee records and linking them to benefit tiers, the HR team can automate this process to ensure benefits are correctly administered.

Notifications can be sent to HR when additional benefits are required, ane employees can also be informed when these benefits have been allocated or updated.

Ensuring employees receive their additional benefits on-schedule will enable empoyees to feel truly appreciated within their role, boosting productivity and motivation.

Streamline Performance Reviews

Notify HR, management and employees when a review or appraisal is due and send reminders until it has been completed.

All related documentation and review notes can be stored and tagged to the individual employee with metadata.

Through dynamic permissions, it is easy for HR, the employee and their manager to access their documents while ensuring it remains protected from unauthorised access. The employee can then easily search and see when each appraisal was held along with all related documentation. Notifications and reminders then help ensure that reviews and appraisals happen on time.

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