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Memberships and Frameworks

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ESPO is a customer-focused, public sector owned professional buying organisation. They are committed to getting the most for their customers by pursuing best practice in procurement, sourcing, supply chain partner support and management, contract management and EU compliance.  

Established in 1981, ESPO has the purchasing power to achieve savings to pass on to customers. ESPO is jointly owned by the following member authorities:  

  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Norfolk County Council
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • Peterborough City Council

ESPO offer customers a complete procurement service including a market leading product catalogue, a huge range of frameworks compliant with EU and UK procurement regulations and bespoke procurement support for your organisation.  

ESPO’s commercial experience, market insight, category expertise and best practice sourcing mean they can respond quickly and effectively to the changes in the public sector.

To ensure that they maintain our leading position, ESPO proactively collaborate with customers, and other partners to engage markets, challenge current practices and develop innovative new commissioning and sourcing strategies.

Procurement Categories

Procurement for Housing (PfH)

As the only national procurement organisation dedicated to the needs of the social housing sector, PfH is an essential business tool for social landlords.

The consortium generates substantial savings by harnessing the collective purchasing power of housing organisations.

By reducing procurement costs, organisations can reinvest resources in front-line services, decent homes and vibrant neighbourhoods.

PfH is currently delivering significant savings for housing organisations right across the UK.

Amid the array of purchasing consortia promising the sector big results ‘in the future’, PfH has been getting its head down and achieving those results today.

PfH are determined to sustain and better these efficiencies in the future.

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Charity IT Leaders (CITL)

Charity IT Leaders is the premier membership group of IT Directors from major UK Charities and is a registered Charity, number 1153226.

The objectives of the body is the promotion for the public benefit of the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and not-for-profit organisations through the promotion of study, sharing of knowledge and advancement of the use of information technology.
They provide a sounding board for members on all issues relating to technology in the Charity Sector and provide support to each other in our professional roles.

The membership covers all charitable areas and shares experiences and concerns about IT in a changing world. The group also collaborates on procurements and other projects when necessary.

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Charity Finance Group (CFG)

Charity Finance Group is the charity that champions best practice in finance management in the voluntary sector and was founded in 1987.

With over 1,350 charity members who collectively manage over £21.1billion, the group represents almost a third of the charity sector’s income.

CFG’s programme of events and training enables finance professionals in the charity sector to develop essential leadership and financial management skills, develop their understanding of topical financial issues, and network and share knowledge with peers. 

A culture of sharing and contributing to the wider sector, beyond the individual charities in membership, is at the heart of CFG’s activities.

Charity Finance Group is also active on a number of key policy areas, working to engage with and influence policy makers and officials, ensuring that the issues facing the charity sector are understood and accounted for by government. 

CFG work together with other organisations, regulators and charities to input charity expertise to the regulatory process, and to develop best practice in charity management.

Members are encouraged to contribute their experiences and feedback to help the group represent their views to government. They also regularly produce practical, easy to understand guidance and briefings on key issues that our members need to be aware of. 

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Charity Retail Association (CRA)

Generating £300m per year in profit and harnessing the skills of more than 218,000 volunteers nationwide, charity retail promotes charitable causes and an environmentally sustainable retail experience.

The Charity Retail Association is the only body in the UK that represents the interests of charity retailers. We have  379 members with, between them, over 8000 shops.

Their aims:

  • Influence and monitor legislation and regulations that affect charity retailing.
  • Promote the benefits of charity retailing to the environment, the community and to charity.
  • Be the major source of expertise and up-to-date information on issues affecting the charity retail sector.
  • Promote good practice.
  • Work closely with other relevant organisations to support members.

The vision:

  • A successful charity retail sector in the UK, actively promoted and supported by the Charity Retail Association.

What they do:

  • Effective lobbying and public relations on behalf of members on key issues including Gift Aid improvements, correct waste charging, donated stock supply
  • Promoting good practice and increased public support for charity retailing
  • Carry out and commission research, market analysis, guidance and information about charity retailing
  • Host the Charity Retail Conference, Exhibition and Awards
  • Offer training opportunities and support
  • Host active special interest groups and networking opportunities
  • Provide an online discussion forum
  • Offer free advice lines covering legal matters and security

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