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Streamline HR processes with intelligent information management

The overriding issue within most HR departments is the mountain of paperwork, much of which can contain sensitive employee information.

The HR team is responsible for maintaining and organising all employee information. Therefore, if there is still a dependence on outdated paper forms, time and resources could be wasted. Not to mention, unstructured information is particularly vulnerable to compliance and security issues.

Intelligent information management software moves the HR processes into the cloud, using automated document capture and web based digital forms to make processes more efficient, streamlined and secure.

Here are five ways our solution can bring your HR department up to date:

Regulatory Compliance

Organisations are legally required to maintain compliant HR records, such as employment contracts, health, pay and pension.

With information management software, these documents are captured, stored and organised electronically, allowing the HR team to keep important employee information in one central repository.

Data Security

Physical forms are unsecure and very often contain sensitive material. This information is particularly vulnerable to accidental viewing, and if documents are only kept in physical form, they can be easily lost or destroyed, eliminating the only known copy.

Information management software keeps employee data safe and secure from the ground up. A user-based sign in ensures that employee archives, databases and documents can be granted only to those with permission. As the software is cloud based, documents are regularly backed up on a secure server.

Software Integration

Allow the HR department to collaborate across a wide variety of business software using powerful integrations.

Using platforms such as Dropbox, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce, the software can share documents through the applications your organisation is already using and present them as needed in one location.

Audit Readiness

Audits can catch us off guard, taking time away from everyday tasks to assist in tracking down files.

The powerful search capabilities within information management software means that even obscure documents can be found instantly. In addition, it records a complete audit trail, creating filterable and exportable logs of all document actions to ensure full transparency.

Workflow Management

Having to wait on a colleague to complete a task can negatively impact the productivity of the whole organisation.

Information management software has powerful workflow management tools to maximise efficiency. Through digital forms and data collection, employees can communicate through an electronic workflow that invites users to access documents electronically. Automated reminders ensure that work gets done before a specified deadline.

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