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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Commitment to Improve

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Stratas constantly strives to reduce the impact it, as a business, puts on the environment.

In developing an environmental management system which will provide a monitoring and reporting facility in line with our activities to comply with ISO 14001 guidelines, ensuring Stratas will have the capability to monitor and identify objectives that reduce our impact on the environment.

Using Six Sigma process managers, we identify key target environments of internal operations on a quarterly basis to assess the environmental impact of the operations. In line with our own continuous improvement programme, key activities and process will be implemented aimed at minimising our impact on the environment.

We help our customers in a number of ways to be eco-friendly and to achieve sustainability and low carbon targets.

  • Energy efficient printers and copiers that use less power and have sleep modes;
  • Bespoke software to minimise unnecessary printing;
  • Machines that print on both sides of the paper;
  • Electronic document management enables scanning, organisation and retrieval of critical documents and thereby reduces your printing and document storage costs; and
  • Recycling of your old printers and related supplies.

Carbon Neutral Schemes

  • Through our partners, we ensure that all solutions and services participate in a carbon offset scheme which provide carbon credits and Carbon Zero accreditation.

ISO 14001

  • We have ensured that all our supply chain partners have achieved the environmental standard of ISO 14001 and work with the BSI in developing environmental management systems.

ISO 9002

  • Stratas is committed to ensuring any remanufacturing of office equipment is compliant to ISO 9002, thereby achieving the prime recycling standard.
  • This process does not produce any by-products that could pollute the air, earth or water. All waste is disposed of thoughtfully and carefully.


  • Stratas only appoints WEEE complaint partners for removal and disposal of any electrical hardware removed from customer sites.


  • We can also confirm that no supply chain partners are producers of hazardous substances as classified in ROHS and we ensure that no product supplied contains more than the permitted maximum level of hazardous substances as defined by the ROHS regulations.

Nordic Environmental Label ref 444 001

  • Stratas only uses paper products which hold Nordic Environmental Label ref 444 001 accreditation for low emissions during production.
  • The pulp is obtained from cultivated forests only and is elemental chlorine free bleached.
  • The packaging contains over 60% recycled materials and meets the Nordic Swan classification for environmental friendliness.

Toshiba’s Carbon Zero Scheme

  • The environmental scheme from Toshiba ensures that every Toshiba MFP is both helping the environment and making a positive contribution.
  • The first scheme of its kind to be widely offered to MFP customers in the UK, carbon offsetting allows for the investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb an equivalent amount of co2 to that of the manufacture and shipment of your MFP device. 
  • Find out more about the scheme at