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Global Bank: Enhance litigation response


  • The Bank invested in an eDiscovery platform to help them react to litigation and legal matters.
  • Data Forge™ is an Information Governance platform which, in the case of eDiscovery initiatives, helps clients to quickly and effectively organise their unstructured data and be better prepared for possible litigation.


  • Classify documents and make multiple libraries (without copying the documents) for retention and (legally) defensible disposition of documents, security requirements, HR etc.
  • Enable users to search far less documentation through categorisation - akin to searching for documents in a Library vs. sorting through a pile.

Solution Approach

  • Using Data Forge™ in conjunction with its existing eDiscovery and ECM architecture, the Bank can apply endless, multiple hierarchy categorisation logic (including Deduplication and near Duplication, etc.) to current and future content, enabling a much more effective and defensible subject-matter review.
  • Most importantly, the categorisation itself becomes an owned asset, captured and retained within the ECM environment and one which can be also be used by multiple parties simultaneously across the Bank, globally.
  • This dramatically enhances the ROI value of Data Forge™ (as well as that of eDiscovery and the ECM platform).