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Global Bank: Enterprise Document gathering


  • The Bank has grown by acquisition and has multiple legacy repositories, files formats, physical archives and information stores.
  • They wish to compile all this information for both compliance and future divestiture


  • Design and implement information gathering initiatives which will convert physical to digital and then assimilate all digital documents from across every business unit, globally, with minimal expenditure or disruption

Solution Approach

  • Identify physical document locations and formats e.g. from microfiche to paper
  • Design a rapid, low cost digitisation process using LDBD and visual similarity
  • Deploy a data crawler to profile and compile all digital stores
  • Convert all static images to metadata rich PDF
  • Ingest information and use multi-faceted taxonomy structure to cluster and classify all information
  • Populate systems of record with instructions to isolate and remove ROT
  • Provide Load File to enterprise ECM with complete location, taxonomy and metadata for all information assets