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Healthcare: Patient Records


  • Every hospital in the UK holds vast quantities of physical patient records which the Government wishes to digitize
  • There is currently no cost effective solution for this


  • Design a cost effective digitisation process for the ingestion of complex patient records

Solution Approach

  • The requirement from any digitised document is to be able to locate a patient record by at least one of the following three fields: Patient Name; NHS Number; and Local Number
  • The digitisation process needs to deal with a wide variety and format of documents, therefore pre-sortation would be timely and costly
  • Using LDBD and visual similarity to group documents by type, bulk scanning is achieved with minimal prep
  • All documents are scanning as TIFF with no OCR, to ensure rapid processing
  • Static images are then converted to fully text searchable PDF and check for Patient Name; NHS Number; and Local Number – if none are found, it is flagged for manual intervention
  • The digital records are then classified through multifaceted taxonomy and the metadata is uploaded to the Hospitals system of record.