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Document and Print Analytics

Identify opportunities to control and drive down costs, while reducing your environmental impact with our Document Analytics Service.

Working collaboratively with your business experts, we gather quantitative and qualitative data to manage document processes cost-effectively and efficiently, as well as make recommendations for further enhancements.

A comprehensive view of your print and document filing infrastructure.

Set business objectives and address them with meaningful, actionable recommendations, through our collaborative engagement process.

Our Document Analytics Service uses methods and tools which make it faster and easier to gain a comprehensive view of your print and document infrastructure

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Document and Print Analytics features include:

  • Identify who prints what and where, through quantitative analysis of print usage data
  • Gain a deeper understanding of print behavioural patterns and trends
  • Identify device optimisation opportunities, based on print-cost comparison and what-if scenarios
  • Gain valuable insights into document usage across business processes and identify opportunities for workflow optimisation
  • Reduce file storage and associated costs

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