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Accounts Receivable

Invoice generation and distribution are critical to help you recover cash from your customers.

Data Forge can help you shorten customer payment time by addressing issues around invoice creation, distribution and secure retrieval of information.

From invoice data submission through to delivery and archiving, an AR FlowBot provides you with an end-to-end fully automated customer invoicing solution with full audit trail that puts you in complete control.

‘30 hours is the estimated time companies spend manually composing invoices’  - Canon / KAE 2013

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Cut the time it takes to invoice your customers and benefit from e-distribution, better designed invoices and a reduced administrative workload.

  • We can help you experience faster, fully automated invoice generation and distribution in both digital and paper formats.
  • Now collecting supporting information and validating the details is quick and simple to control.
  • Layout and format changes can be made easily, while distribution happens at the touch of a button.
  • Never lose a document with digital access to every invoice and contribute to better customer service by generating status reports.

‘Best-in-class organisations require manual intervention only for 16.2% of the customer invoices processed, whilst laggard for 79.9% of them.’ - Aberdeen Group, The Order-to-Cash Cycle: Enhancing Performance with Process Automation, 2011

The challenges and benefits

A faster and more cost-effective way to process your invoices: