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Business intelligence

Take control of your data with our CompleteView business intelligence tool. 

CompleteView is an award-winning, unique business intelligence toolset.

CompleteView offers a user-friendly graphic interface for data visualisation and analysis, with real-time data modelling for fully-informed decision making and rapid ROI.

Sophisticated and intelligent data delivery

CompleteView is a unique application that will enhance the potential of your Managed Print Service, CompleteView turns your data into actionable knowledge with a single click.

Information is delivered back to you in an uncluttered and interactive format that opens up valuable insights into your print environment, giving you clearer understanding and improved control over your print operations.

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CompleteView/User Analytics features include:

  • Consolidation – Combine data from virtually any source, from print management software to Microsoft Excel, XML and CSV, right through to data warehousing and even web-based information. Complete View will gather diverse data sources and make them work together to meet your business objectives

  • Easy-to-use search function, intuitive user interface underpinned by associative data relationships – generating powerful insights from your valuable business information

  • CompleteView delivers instant answers to your print-related queries, from the largest data sets

  • Ability to explore data with only associated facts

  • Easy identification of all devices within a specified business area, feedback on performance and a historical account of usage and associated costs

  • Benchmark-identified problem descriptions of similar devices in your fleet, to check for broader issues

  • Information is displayed on screen in a simple graphical format that promotes ease of understanding, even on mobile devices

  • Instant access and data analysis

  • Ability to drill down into details with a simple drag and drop

  • Security - CompleteView will protect your data using security standards specifically designed to safeguard details of an almost unlimited number of records and users

  • Full control over who can access data – create group, role-based and individual user policies relating to specific documents

  • Ability to manipulate data to deliver the precise information you need, including information on device usage patterns and deviations from standard market benchmarks

  • Easily-accessible financial data to identify cost savings

  • Insights to help apportion costs fairly between different groups of users

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