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Case Management

Your documents don’t work alone, so why should your document management system?

We know documents and processes frequently consist of groups of documents that should be treated together to maximize the visibility and understanding of a case or record.

  • For example, a purchase order, a delivery note and an invoice are related to one another and together tell a full story.
  • Or, an HR case can be built to store an employee’s full records: CV, annual review, certifications and more.

You want to be able to view these documents, quickly see what has arrived and what’s still missing, and process them in connection to each other.

And, of course, you can easily design workflows around all the documents in the case, or a single document.

With other information management systems, you’re stuck dealing with this information on the document level rather than on the case level.

The flexibility needed to organise and manage your information comes up short, which can increase administrative burden and processing times.

With our intuitive Case Manager, managing documents just got significantly easier.

All important documents are available together, at once, without extra effort. So easy, you’ll never want to look back.

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