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Find and harness your information

Free your organisation of paper and enable your business processes to flow electronically, with tools to help capture, organise and manage your information.

Paper documents (Capture Client)

Paper documents can be scanned and recognised using our Capture Client. Even large batches of documents can be easily imported and indexed using barcodes or Zonal OCR recognition for automatically capturing index data.

Perhaps you’d like to scan in your documents on an MFP and use the Capture Client to index and save them?

  • Simply save your scanned documents to a watched folder, where they will then be picked up and processed by the Capture Client.
  • For more complex scanning needs, such as automatic recognition of document types or even invoice suppliers, we support integrations with advanced scanning solutions.

MFP paper capture

For more ad-hoc scanning, we offer numerous MFP scanning solutions, which allows users to scan, manually index, and then save documents directly to a system of record.

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Electronic Document Import 
(Document Loader and Content Connector)

If your information is always electronic, it’s very easy to import it into a system of record, either using our Document Loader or Content Connector. In most cases, documents can be indexed without any user intervention at all.

  • The Document Loader allows batches of documents to quickly and easily be saved.
  • The Content Connector is a multi-functional tool which lets users capture a wide range of information and save it securely in an electronic archive.
  • Documents created by other ERP or CRM systems can be saved to an input folder, where they will be picked up and processed by the Content Connector.
  • Furthermore, Mailbox Monitoring can automatically save emails from a certain mailbox. These documents can also be configured to automatically start a workflow once saved.

Built-in integration with Windows Explorer makes it easy to save files using drag-and-drop. Tree View also allows users to work with their documents in a familiar environment similar to a Windows folder structure.

Indexing Profiles

Indexing Profiles go hand-in-hand with the many electronic information capture modules.

  • Setting up an indexing profile allows index information to be automatically  – no manual indexing is required.
  • Indexing profiles are easy to set up, but can also be heavily customized using scripting.
  • They allow index data to be captured from emails, Office documents, XML files, and more, saving the time spent manually indexing and reducing the risk of errors.

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