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Proof of Delivery

Streamline your order fulfilment operations, giving your customers an improved service and reduce the time to invoice.

From delivery note data submission through to proof of delivery, we provide an end-to-end fully automated delivery notes processing solution with full audit trail that puts you in complete control.

The IDC report that 4 in 5 organisations consider reducing costs to be their number 1 supply chain priority.

Delivery Notes Processing is vital to helping businesses maintain customer satisfaction and a healthy cash flow.

We provide a completely automated solution, which helps meet customer goods delivery challenges - enabling you to focus on your core business. 

Stratas solutions seamlessly integrate an effective solution into your existing IT systems and provide tailored ongoing support.

Our digital Delivery Note Processing solution provides a centralised platform, with the flexibility to adapt to customer requirements at a local level.

  • Information is easily accessible and can be used to create clearer, more legible delivery notes that can be printed on demand.
  • Mobile e-signature technology speeds up delivery and provides a higher level of data security, while complete visibility of the delivery process improves stock management.
  • The overall result is a reduction in administration costs, a shorter time-to-invoice and a better customer experience.

The challenges and benefits

A faster and more cost-effective way to process your delivery notes: