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Document Capture: Healthcare

Scanning solutions for the healthcare sector

Few industry sectors are subject to such intense debate, pressure and change as healthcare.

Ultimately, every healthcare provider – from the independent consultant to the largest metropolitan hospital – relies on a complex chain of clinical information and services in order to deliver patient care.

Our desktop scanning solutions can help streamline these processes and enhance customer service levels.

Improve patient care and service quality.

  • By scanning patient notes into a database using the Canon DR-M160II, information access is vastly enhanced, giving clinicians more time to spend with patients.
  • Further, optimising the patient records ensures healthcare institutions can deliver service levels that will sustain high rankings in official league tables.

Reduce operating costs and wastage.

  • Scanning patient records reduces on-site and off-storage costs. It provides instant access for clinicians to review patient data and reduces operational costs for retrieving hard copy files.
  • Improving operational efficiency will thereby free up resources to be reinvested in other areas.

Ensure patient confidentiality.

  • Scanning patient records ensures the security of patient data.
  • This allows the institution to achieve compliance with a growing volume of local, national and regional regulatory requirements.

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