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Managing customer paper work – orders, deliveries, customs forms, packing notes – can be a real challenge.

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In these competitive industries, delays and mistakes cannot happen.

Seeing as the business itself is dependent on documentation, and partners, customers, and internal providers involved in the logistics chain can be organisationally and geographically dispersed, ensuring documentation is accessible and correct can be a real challenge.

So, to stay ahead of the competition, logistics companies need to start working smarter.

By moving towards a digital way of working and exchanging cumbersome paper processes for smooth digital workflows, processes can become more efficient, and errors can be avoided.

Our solution:

  • Orders are tracked and processed using workflow. Employees can see at any time where a document is in a certain process.
  • Delivery notes and other paper forms are scanned in and automatically recognized using barcode or OCR technology.
  • Case Management allows us to manage all documentation surrounding a custom order and delivery from a single platform. View all related documents at once, complete workflows for the entire cas 
  • Our solution can be integrated into your existing line of business software and external databases for optimal information flow.

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The benefits of our Logistics solution include:

  • Reduction of existing and future paper storage requirements
  • Cost reduction of document handling process
  • Reduction of production paper waste and “hidden” costs of handling documents
  • Easier document retrieval
  • Easier archiving
  • Automation of document archiving
  • Data security and longevity
  • Store invoices, credit notes, hauler payment invoices, agent payment invoices
  • Approval workflows for credit notes and purchase invoices ensures timely processing and clear audit trail.
  • Direct integration with ERP systems and SharePoint, no need to email or file storage before archiving
  • Direct archiving from various systems without the need to first store files locally

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