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Information Governance

Stratas is the first and, to date, the only unified Information Governance solutions provider who can effectively address the need for a single, highly flexible, scalable and integrated data platform.

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Designed specifically around the customer, our holistic approach considers the people, process, technology and culture of every business.

  • The resulting solutions are faster, intuitive, more accurate and feature-rich than any technology or manual process.
  • We deliver unparalleled process improvement, user adoption, compliance and cost benefit to companies of any size.

Data Forge uniquely addresses the need for Enterprise Information Governance and GDPR compliance, by adapting vast amounts of unstructured content to a well-defined, multi-faceted classification structure.

  • Our approach to document classification, defensible remediation and retention goes beyond the remit of eDiscovery and Enterprise Content Management, fundamentally changing the economics of enterprise Information Governance and considerably improving business operations.

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The platform creates a controlled and compliant environment from which an enterprise’s users can readily extract intelligence from accurately categorised and classified high value, unstructured text-based data across business units and business functions.

  • Create intelligence by making your unstructured information accessible and useful to every part of the business;
  • Increase business value by enriching the metadata of all your data and providing your Content Management repository with unprecedented access to all your corporate knowledge;
  • Reduce cost by remediating your data storage and discarding information that is no longer needed by the business – doing so in a defensible manner;
  • Control risk by identifying and managing sensitive information, ensuring its retention is well governed; and
  • Achieve compliance through a well-structured framework which governs all information with your organisation.

“Implement a unified approach to Information Governance. We populate your ECM with metadata based upon multi-faceted taxonomy and hierarchical classification.”

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