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Information Management for HR

Human resource departments must manage hundreds or even thousands of employee files, including payroll data, employee reviews, employment contracts and holiday requests.

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If HR documents are paper-based, it significantly increases the time needed to correctly archive and retrieve them.

Keeping track of the latest version of an employment contract may be difficult when several employees work on drafts together, and keeping track of all changes made, by whom, at what time, is impossible.

When documents are stored in archives, the risk of losing or misfiling documents is always present, which makes finding the correct document in case of litigation especially daunting.

If documents are stored digitally in traditional Windows folder structures, related documents cannot be stored or processed collectively, and there’s still a risk of inadvertently moving or deleting a file.

Stratas offers the ideal solution for effective management of all HR documentation.

  • Scanned documents can be automatically saved and indexed.
  • Documents of all kinds can be retrieved using metadata or advanced full-text search for optimised results.
  • Flexible workflow processes can be configured to route documents throughout the business for approval and validation, or to keep track of contracts so they can be renewed when necessary.
  • All related documents for an employee can be securely saved and processed collectively.
  • It’s even possible to access documents and process workflows away from the office, either using the convenient Mobile App, or through Web Access.
  • And of course, security and permissions are extremely flexible, allowing permissions to be calibrated down to an individual document level.

Many HR processes can be quickly and easily automated for direct efficiency gains:


  • Workflows can help candidates’ CVs be quickly reviewed and routed onward for interviews to help managers attract top talent.

New Hires

  • Ensure all legal documentation is completed, and necessary tools such as a computer, email address, and phone are in place when a new hire starts working.

Contract Management

  • Gain clear accountability of all contracts, know the status of each contract, and have a clear procedure in place for renewing or cancelling a contract.

Archiving Employee Files

  • Employee files can be securely archived, including tax forms, payroll direct deposits, employment verification, medical insurance, pension plans and more. Retention policies can be configured to ensure documents are saved for the legally mandated amount of time, and destroyed when that time has expired.


  • HR documents contain sensitive data, and are thus under full regulatory requirements for restricted access and retention. Thanks to the very flexible permissions, it’s easy to ensure only authorised employees have access to this confidential data.


  • Create a full audit trail and traceability on document actions, which can help companies meet state and security regulations regarding file and data protection.

Holiday requests

  • Employee requests for time off can automatically be routed to their manager, and when approved, the time off can be automatically detracted from their vacation days. A full trail of all requests and approvals is available.

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