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Print, copy and store less paper

Managed Document and Outsourcing Services 

Stratas uses Data Forge to radically change the landscape of any print-related service, regardless of the size, supplier or nature of the contract.

Gartner  found that up to 3% of company annual revenue is spent on printing and photocopying.

By altering the print profile of the business before it reaches the output devices, our Root Cause Analysis approach centres around both print avoidance and management of the distributed fleet or print room, typically lowering costs by 30 – 50% without changing supplier.

Our approach

Why consider Outsourcing?

  • Gain visibility and control of your print infrastructure
  • Deliver long-term savings, as soon as possible
  • Change printing habits and reduce print volume
  • Focus your attention on your core business
  • Rationalise supplier numbers and your printer estate with a single solution
  • Streamline document workflows and increase productivity
  • Improve end-to-end print security
  • Reduce your impact on the environment

“We refine your business so you that you become less reliant upon paper.”

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