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Information Management

Managing business information is vital to any company. Customer files, past HR documents, and even financial documents must all be kept for several years due to legal requirements.

Physical storage not only uses valuable office space, it can also make information retrieval very challenging. Vital documents may be incorrectly filed, damaged, lost or incomplete.

The same challenges exist in the digital domain, however unlike physical documents - the problem can often be hard to quantify. The files are intangible and may reside anywhere, often in an uncontrolled manner.

Our information management solutions enable documents to be archived digitally, securely stored and deleted once the legally mandated time period has expired.

Physical documents can be scanned, saved to the correct location and indexed for future retrieval. Existing digital assets are found, remediated and classified in the same way.

Once any document enters the system, it can be routed to the correct employee for review and validation using the easy-to-install workflow module.

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