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Process Compliance

An end-to-end digital and fully mobile solution that allows you to set up quality test parameters, perform checks, store outcomes and automatically route actions when non-compliance occurs.

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Enhance the performance of your Quality Management Service by automating the quality control and conformance testing processes.

  • Exceed your compliance requirements
  • Streamline your checking processes
  • Improve your control over the quality of processes
  • Drive down costs.

‘Poor electronic records-keeping is causing problems with regulators and auditors in 31% of companies, and up to 14% are incurring fines’ Information Governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age. AIIM 2013

The challenges and benefits

Real-time Quality Control enabled by mobile technology, fully customisable parameters, and the instant reporting and digital routing of any failure, helps the user to quickly resolve any non-conformance, whilst instantly logging the result for audit and reporting purposes.

  • Improve profits by acting quickly on non-conformance
  • Avoid fines by exceeding compliance requirements 
  • Improve output and quality by driving task completion
  • Cut costs by removing paper from the process
  • Free-up time by eliminating lengthy manual tasks

A more efficient and cost-effective process: