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Turn paper into knowledge

Stratas uses Data Forge to revolutionise the conversion of paper documents into digital form. The platform allows us to scan, remediate, index and code data for ingestion into an Enterprise Content Management system or route directly into workflow.

Jumpt to: Machine Learning / Bureau Process

  • With unrivalled speed and accuracy Data Forge™ rates are a fraction of the cost for traditional, labour intensive scanning initiatives.
  • We provide a cost effective mechanism for moving away from physical storage and manual processes, whilst providing access to all your business information in a controlled, governed manner.

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We use Machine learning and Logical Document Boundary Determination (“LDBD”) to remove costly and timely manual intervention from prepping back scan projects.

LDBD is the electronic process by which Data Forge recognises and splits documents without the need for costly manual preparation.

Simply feed the scanner with a continuous supply of documents and let technology do the work.

We can bring people and scanners (an implant) to your office or archive and digitise the files there. Or, we can uplift them to our Scanning Bureau Service, to enable:

  • Scanning of mono and colour documents such as invoices and client files
  • Smaller documents such as tickets and receipts linked to expense claims
  • Large documents such as A0 plans, either mono or colour
  • Addition of index data (eg; barcodes or other references) for easy and quick document retrieval

Better systems and processes always produce cost savings and reduced errors and wastage whilst creating ‘greener’ ways of working.

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Our Bureau Process

1. Collect and scan

  • We collect your files using our own fleet of vans, store them securely and complete the scanning at our site in order to cause minimum disruption to your business
  • We provide a full end-end service including preparation of documents by removing fastenings, clips and staples
  • Blank page removal software means you only pay for the information you want.
  • If you need access to the files whilst we’re processing them, we can offer an urgent retrieval process.
  • At full capacity our bureau can scan millions of documents per month.

2. Supply electronic files

Arena supplies your documents to you in electronic format, most commonly PDF. These files can be passed to you in various different ways:

  • DVD, with encryption for secure data transfer
  • Electronic transfer for storage in your electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) - or we can provide one.
  • Our Hosted Service - a secure online repository which allows you to store, search, view, share and print documents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. Return or destroy

Once you have approved the electronic files we can shred the paper documents in our industrial shredder, or return them to you.  Shredded documents are pulped and recycled, in line with our environmental policy.

With this service, you do not have to make any bulk capital outlay as we only charge as each stage of work is completed. Large archives can be tackled in stages or as regular collections, to provide the conversion benefits with minimal impact on your cashflow.