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Variable Data Printing

Now you can design for print and email using one tool, without the need for plug-ins to external design software.

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  • PrintShop Mail is the easiest to use standalone VDP solution to use;
  • Mail merge, unleashed. For print and email; and
  • Works with any data, any design and any printer.

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Get the PrintShop Mail Connect advantage

Email and/or Print

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by personalising every aspect of your email and printed communications.

Expand your solution

  • From simple mail merges up to high-speed complex print jobs. Add performance packs, AFP and IPDS options as you need.

Choose your plan

  • Either buy a license or pay a yearly subscription, with the options you need.

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VDP + Email                

A variable data printing tool that can create emails… if you want it to.

Turn your marketing goals into reality.                

  • Effective personalisation creates emotional triggers that drive recipients to act on a specified call to action.
  • Variable messages, images, and colours play a big part in stirring up these emotions, creating communications that capture your customers’ attention, increasing lead quality.

PrintShop Mail Connect can send your emails too.

  • Direct mail and email blasts are the most simple and commonly used promotional communication vehicles out there.
  • But they work a lot better when they are personalised.
  • The all new PrintShop Mail Connect provides you with just that - one tool to bring that data-driven personalisation you know and love from PrintShop Mail to both printed and digital campaigns.

Bringing the concept of VDP to Email

Until now, it was very difficult to achieve the same level of personalisation that PrintShop Mail brings to direct mail with an email campaign.                

PrintShop Mail Connect provides you with a single interface to build and design all your promotional communications.

Designing your print and email communications from the same tool gives you the ability to use a shared set of resources.

It makes it much easier to ensure your documents are consistent with one another and speeds-up creation time.

  • A single multilingual interface to learn.
  • Start your design from existing web content.
  • Better consistency in your communications.
  • Reuse code snippets on multiple templates.
  • Attach files to your emails.
  • Separate print and email settings configuration.
  • Share graphic resources (ex: CSS) between your designs.

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Take mail merge to the next level.

Show your customers how important they are to you.                

  • Don’t waste your customer’s attention.
  • Instead, build valuable relationships through better customer engagement
  • Grow customer loyalty by sending one-to-one communications, not generic mail.

Mail merge, unleashed.

With PrintShop Mail Connect, every aspect of a letter can be easily personalised thanks to its feature-rich user-friendly interface

  • Drag and drop theresource you’re going to need on the page. The images, the text files, everything is there, ready to be used
  • Wizards take you step-by-step through the process. For example, a conditional paragraph can be added in a letter using a wizard.
  • A ton of cool possibilities are available by a simple click. Here, the signature is anchored to the body of the letter with a right click. It will follow the length of the content and always appear at the right place.
  • A wide variety of production decision can be made the time of printing with access to all the printer’s functionalities like tray selection, finishing, imposition, grouping, splitting, booklet, etc.