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Who we work with

Our aim is to help create digital enterprises through reducing both the cost and volume of documentation.

Physical or digital, it is only the information contained within a document which is important.

Understanding the fate of that information allows us to re-engineer business processes so as to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and create environmentally conscious business practices.

By understanding what documentation a business creates and why, we help our customers reduce their dependency upon documentation and in turn, the infrastructure required to support its production and dissemination.

From small schools and hospices, to large UK retailers, financial institutions, law firms and multi-national corporations - we have the breadth of expertise and demonstrable experience to help with any document or information related initiative.

Use Cases

What our customers say:

“Stratas is focused on not only how we do things, but how we could do things. They have shown us the Art of the Possible and current projects will deliver real benefits and tangible cost savings.”

Gareth Julian
Head of Central Operations, 
The British Heart Foundation

“Stratas have helped The Salvation Army to begin to realise the benefits of digitising records and removing paper from the business. As hoped for, this has opened the eyes of many to the outcomes that can be realised through mass digitisation of paper based processes and records. David and Ashley have exercised creativity, patience, understanding and great resilience in making sure everything is just as we would like it and I look forward to working with them on future initiatives.”

Phil Durbin
Head of Corporate Systems, The Salvation Army

“The YMCA implemented printing and scanning solutions from Stratas. These were financed through savings. The printers are fully managed and the C3 scanner portal provides efficient document management and scalable benefits to the retail operations nationally.”

John Duddy
Interim Head of Finance, YMCA England

“Stratas helped us to find a print, scan and copying solution which was appropriate for the size of our organisation and not only within budget, but which would yield savings. We have been very pleased with the support and service received.”

Martin Attfield
Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes

“The Collabor8 platform from Stratas gave the Charity IT Leaders a great footing to create and explore ideas that we brought to life at the 2015 Annual Conference live Hackathon event.  It formed an ideal base to formulate, share, vote and work through Hack sprints and we will use it again to further develop the brilliant ideas that came from the members using the platform and attending the event.”

Tina Parfitt,
Charity IT Leaders Conference Organiser and Director of the Service Division, NatCen Social Research