Case study: Knight Protection customer journey

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Case study: Knight Protection customer journey

Stratas have been providing Knight Protection with AP automation for over 2 months. We contacted one of Knight Protection’s AP assistants, Hille Bistroem, to receive feedback on how PaperLess had changed the nature of their business.

Who are Knight Protection?

Knight Protection have offered home, office and cyber security to clients for as long as 20 years. Their services range from supplying technology and physical or cyber technology to offering advisory assistance. They have provided protection to some £5bn of UK real estate, and have also worked with three royal families, including being contracted for the births of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis of Cambridge.

Challenges faced prior to working with Stratas

Knight Protection were facing logistical challenges in the company, which impacted their day-to-day business functions. Ongoing office refurbishments meant that the finance team were working from home, so accounts payable was no longer centralised. Invoices were being sent across the UK, leading to a paper trail that was difficult to navigate.

The customer journey with Stratas

After speaking with the sales team, the finance staff were introduced to the range of solutions provided by Stratas through a discovery call. It was with a demonstration of the solution that the AP team felt more confident with automating their accounts, having previously manually processed invoices. Settling in with Stratas was a simple process; any queries that the finance team had were swiftly addressed by the support team.

“From the first demonstration we had with Stratas it was quite clear what we could do and how Stratas could help us.” – Hille Bistroem, AP Assistant, Knight Protection.

Impacts of automating AP

By using the solution provided by Stratas, Knight Protection have easier access to accounts payable when working from home, and they no longer struggle to find the correct invoice to match with its corresponding purchase order. This has unlocked time that can be spent training and updating the company’s new director.

“When it comes to supplier invoices, PaperLess saves at least 50% of my time, because it just makes everything so much faster.” – Hille Bistroem, AP Assistant, Knight Protection.

Overall impressions

“As a company, Stratas are very approachable – they always respond to us quite quickly. The contact we have had with Stratas has been simple, and they have been very flexible with us.” – Hille Bistroem, AP Assistant, Knight Protection.

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