The Simplest Hackathon Platform

Create, share, and refine ideas online with Collabor8, the simplest hackathon and ideas management platform on the market. After all, your next great business idea could come from one of your own employees.

Brainstorm Ideas

Uncover ideas from the people who use your business processes every day.

Solve Problems

Find a resolution to a business problem and start analysing your options.

Improve Processes

Discover which areas need improvement first and develop a plan based on data.

Drive Innovation

Make innovation part of your company culture through through employees.

Achieve more as a team

Strategy Meetings

Enable your internal strategy meetings to become more collaborative.

Customer Feedback

Get your customers involved to come up with some ideas on how to do things better. As a result, customer experience could be improved.


Ideas management functionality is now a possibility for external events of any size. It's also ideal for virtual events as the platform is conveniently accessed from a web browser.

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