AP Automation is now easy and accessible to all businesses

Our accounts payable automation solution meets the needs of any modern finance department: mobility, simplicity, flexibility and security. Even with sophisticated technology, the platform is easy to use and set up, so you could be up and running in no time.

Procure to Pay Platform

Accounts Payable Automation Features

Easy set up

Do you think accounts payable automation is too complex to implement? Think again: set up easily and start using the platform quickly.

Plug and Play

Do you think that it is complicated to integrate with your system? Connect seamlessly with over 200 ERP’s.

All-in-one platform

Are you considering multiple solutions to streamline your accounts payable process? Automate each step, from purchase to payment.


Automate your accounts payable process with Stratas and Yooz

Data Forge P2P, powered by Yooz, is changing the game to make powerful AP automation accessible to all businesses. Download our brochure to discover more.

Find invoices easily

Are you spending countless hours searching for lost documents? Gain instant visibility of invoices and stop wasting time.

Become more secure

Do you want to detect fraud and comply with regulations for your stored documents? Secure your documents in the cloud.

Accounts Payable Automation

Cut cycle times

Does it usually take weeks to process an invoice in full? Use your invoices to cut cycle times and get discounts from suppliers.

Mobile Access

Do you usually need to be in the office to approve invoices? With mobile access, your team can process invoices anywhere, anytime.

An accounts payable automation solution recognised by industry experts

Spend Matters 50 to Watch 2019
Fintech Breakthrough Awards 2018
CFO Accounting Solution Providers

Integrate seamlessly with over 200 accounting software's and ERP's

NetSuite Accounts Payable Automation Integration
QuickBooks Accounts Payable Automation Integration
Xero Accounts Payable Automation Integration
Yardi Accounts Payable Automation Integration

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