Automate your business through mail

Mailrooms play a key role within any business. Customer forms, orders, payments, vouchers, employee documents, and supplier invoices all launch critical processes around the business. Digitising and automating these processes through digital mailroom services can boost efficiency in most business areas.

Digital Mailroom Services

Data Forge extracts and organises key information from mail at the point of entry into the business. As a result, businesses can provide better customer service with more efficient internal processes.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail solutions are a great way to automate key processes. Simply click print on our Hybrid Mail driver and your mail will be sent to any postal address with secure and fast delivery.

Digital Mail

Using a digital mail solution, mail can be captured, extracted, classified, and delivered more efficiently. Achieve faster, more compliant mail processing through a single digital platform.

The benefits of digitising mail

Better customer service

More accessible information means faster customer responses. This helps to ensure customer satisfaction.

Visibility of Information

Customers and stakeholders have live visibility of where mail is in the process. As a result, mail cannot get lost.

More compliant Mail Processing

All incoming mail is stored in a secure digital archive. This ensures compliance and information governance.

A single, unified digital solution

Manage mail through a single, unified digital solution to improve user experience and efficiency.

Why process mail through Data Forge?

Increased Business Efficiency

Digital workflows allow mail to be distributed more efficiently, resulting in better decision making. Additionally, it enables mail to be read and processed via mobile devices.

Better control over information

Achieve greater control thanks to auto-validation rules for incoming mail, regardless of its format or channel. This means that only relevant mail will be sent to end-users. As a result, there will be a decrease in lost mail or mail ending up in the wrong hands.

Reduction in mail costs

Save time and money on mail processing by eliminating paper copies and printing. As a result, dedicated employees can spend their valuable time on less repetitive tasks, instead of sorting mail. This also reduces the need for internal postal services.

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