Send physical business mail from your desktop

Our hybrid mail solution can help your organisation send physical mail to customers with a more efficient, faster, and cost-effective method. Simply click print on the web-based mail driver and your mail will be sent to any postal address with secure and fast delivery.

Why switch to a hybrid mail solution?

Reduce postage costs

The Data Forge Hybrid Mail solution can deliver savings of over 30% on postage alone.

Reduce environmental impact

The Data Forge distribution centre manages you outbound mail in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner. Additionally, paper is reduced by digitising processes where possible.

Create and send letters from anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection, you can send letters or documents from anywhere.

Reclaim valuable office space

By outsourcing your mail processing, valuable office space can be put to better use, as there is no longer a requirement for a mailroom.

Produce Document

Produce any document as you usually would. This could be a contract from Microsoft Word, or an invoice generated by a finance system, for example.

Simply click print

Once you have configured the document for mailing, simply click print and your document will be sent to our distribution centre, Data Forge, for secure processing.

Secure and fast delivery

Mail is delivered to the recipient with secure and fast delivery. And, with help from intelligent workflows and automation, your processes can become more streamlined.

The Data Forge Distribution Centre

"Paper still has a place in a digital enterprise, but it needs to be controlled and automated to reduce costs and risks. Data Forge has a track record of delivering quality document and data management services. This makes us the ideal partner for your digital and hybrid mail needs."
David Wilson
Managing Director, Stratas

The Data Forge Distribution Centre is equipped with the latest print, finishing, scanning and archiving solutions. We take responsibility for incoming and outgoing mail, providing secure storage until the post has reached its intended recipient.

Improve Document Security

Data Forge is fully secure and access controlled.

Maintain control

Monitor progress and track mail jobs from a simple print driver or web interface.

Increase Productivity

Save time on printing, enveloping and routing mail to the mail room.

ISO 27001 Certified

Get more out of your mail

Start processing mail more efficiently today.