Managing information efficiently is vital to every business

Physical document management not only uses valuable office space, but it can also make information retrieval challenging. Documents may be incorrectly filed, duplicated, damaged, lost, or incomplete with no indication of their life cycle. And, similar challenges can even exist in the digital domain.

Electronic Document Management

We help businesses scan, organise, store, and retrieve documents electronically. Our solutions easily integrate with industry-specific software including accounting systems, legal case management, HR records, and any other document existing within the business.

Document Management
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Document Capture and Automation

One of the first steps on your digital journey should be capturing and digitising your documents. Document capture software enables your organisation to streamline and automate everyday business processes, as information becomes more accessible.

Key Benefits of Electronic Document Management

Your document management system can now enable you to work more efficiently, in line with legal requirements concerning storage, processing, and retention of documents.

Use Cases

Human Resources

HR departments are responsible for managing vast amounts of employee documents. This includes managing the process for employee onboarding, payroll data, employee reviews, employment contracts, and holiday requests. It is important to ensure that these documents are readily accessible, with the correct security permissions in place. If managing HR documents is a challenge, we provide the ideal solution for effectively managing HR files and workflows.

Process Compliance

Maintaining process compliance can be a challenge, especially when processes are heavily dependent on documents. We provide solutions which streamline processes and help businesses adhere to compliance requirements more efficiently, to achieve greater control over processes and associated documents. As a result, you can mitigate the risk of fines, improve process quality, and free up time by automating manual tasks.


Processing claims, contacting claimants, or keeping track of insurance policies can be challenging and expensive due to the vast amounts of documents in circulation. Our information management system enables insurance agencies to streamline and optimise information processes to reduce cost and risk, increase efficiency, and improve customer service.


Managing customer paperwork including orders, deliveries, and packing notes, across multiple sites can be a real challenge within the logistics industry. By moving towards a digital way of working and exchanging cumbersome paper processes for digital workflows, processes can become more efficient and errors can be avoided.

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