Is your OCR solution providing you with the invoice capture benefits you were promised?

We provide the simplest way to move from a paper-based process, to a digital one. Data Forge e-Invoicing is the simple, effective and high adoption electronic invoicing solution. Experience invoice capture with 100% accuracy.

Why switch to e-invoicing?

Most finance systems can generate a text based PDF invoice. Data Forge e-Invoicing enables you to receive an emailed invoice directly from your supplier, and will automatically extract the key data. And, this is without the need for costly scanning and OCR processes.

We believe that minimising the change required with suppliers will maximise the benefits for both parties. Also, suppliers do not need to change their finance system or any internal processes.

All suppliers are now able to participate by simply emailing their invoice.

Save time, money, and the enviroment

The cost to process an invoice is less than OCR solutions, and better prices can be negotiated from fast payment. Not to mention, by using less paper, the company is reducing its environmental impact.

High Adoption rates for suppliers

Emailing PDF invoices if often the preferred method for suppliers. Our 3 phase process ensures suppliers can quickly and easily submit invoices.

Gradual migration for positive change

We understand that e-invoicing will not happen overnight. However, our multichannel invoice delivery ensures phased on-boarding at the pace of each business.

The 3 phases to simple e-Invoicing

Phase 1: Identify suppliers and collect details

Generate detailed reports, prioritise suppliers, and collect contact details.

Phase 2: Issue supplier communications

Let suppliers know about the new process and provide them with an invoice email address.

Phase 3: Configure supplier

Once set up, all invoices from that supplier will be automatically processed.

Simple, effective, and high adoption electronic invoicing

Start using e-invoicing to eliminate paper invoices today

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