connect your business systems and information

Data Forge Information Management, powered by M-Files, enables your business to access all information and documents wherever they are stored. So, there is no longer a need for your team to search through different document systems for one piece of information.

What is M-Files Information Management?

M-Files is the intelligent information management platform which focuses on what the document is, and not where it is stored. 

Your business runs on highly structured systems, so why allow your important information to sit in thousands of unmanaged folders?

By connecting these two worlds, the result is information intelligence, version control, and data clarity.

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Eliminate Content Chaos

With M-Files, all content is presented in a single view. Therefore, you can intelligently find, access, and manage information from any existing system.

Go Beyond The Document

Documents don't need to exist to create intelligent workflows. With help from metadata, you could eliminate documents from processes entirely.

Enable a remote workforce

Instant document access enables employees to process tasks faster. Not to mention, with workflows and e-signing, documents can be reviewed and approved on the move.

Keep organised and secure

On average, a document gets copied 19 times during its life cycle. This can have a negative impact on work as it makes it hard to find the latest version of a document.

M-Files ensures that there is only one up-to-date version of every document while maintaining a full history of changes. Additionally, it allows staff to share content in a simple and secure manner. This eliminates the hassle involved with merging multiple document versions.

Connect your Business systems together

M-Files brings together disconnected document systems to provide content in a more user-friendly view. Additionally, you can automate key processes with workflows and search all file locations by keyword.

Network Folders



Google G-SuiTe

Office 365




Stop wasting time searching

Most organisations use 4 or more systems to store and manage content. For this reason, employees often find it challenging and time-consuming to find the information they need.

With M-Files, you no longer have to remember where a document is saved as everything can be accessed within the platform. This includes content that is stored in third-party systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and network folders.

Make your content work for you

One source of truth

Content can be created within M-Files or linked to other sources of truth within the business. This way, you will always have instant access to the most current information.

No more paper-based processes

M-Files can manage all the information your business needs to run digitally. Therefore, there is no longer a requirement for paper in key business processes.

Improve communication

M-Files has a range of intelligent collaboration features. This enables you to edit a project plan in network folders, view agreements in SharePoint, or view all customer-related information in Salesforce.

M-Files Information Management
Data Forge, powered by M-Files, platform

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