Evolve your business through digital transformation

We take time to understand your business culture and goals to develop end-to-end solutions which deliver positive change. Our process consultancy services aim to enable your digital enterprise and empower your people.

Process Consultancy Services

We start our projects by providing a view of the current state of processes. Then, we get to work, modelling the potential transformations. To do this, we use an innovative platform which enables all stakeholders to review and comment on proposed process changes. 

The platform enables effective collaboration as all parties can view processes and system maps as they are developed.


By combining your process data with the wisdom of your people, you can build an organisation that is agile, resilient, and ready for any challenges ahead.

We believe that by working together, we can do things better. So, to achieve true digital transformation, all decisions should be centred around the needs of your people.

Therefore, we conduct in-depth discovery meetings to establish the current state processes. Then, we use this data to develop a strategic plan for improvements.

What we deliver

Current State Process Map

Firstly, we deliver a clearly documented current state process map for management reporting.

Map of System Architecture

We provide a documented map of the current system and data architecture in place.

SWOT Analysis

Importantly, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses observed of the current state.

Further opportunities for change

We document opportunities for improvement in the short, medium, and long term.

Data Forge drives continual improvement

We have worked with many large UK-based businesses on substantial digital transformation projects.

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