Accounts Payable Automation for Wholesalers and Distributors

There is no longer a need for Mace users to invest time and resources into keying in information and matching invoices against purchase orders. Empower accounts payable staff to generate strategic value by handling invoices only by exception.

Accounts Payable Automation for Wholesalers and Distributors

Document Management Solutions

Immediate decrease in manually intensive tasks.

Significant improvement in invoice processing time.

Business Intelligence

Enhanced visibility of outstanding invoices

Raises compliance standards for the entire organisation.

AP Automation Workflow

Automate the processing of PO and Non-PO invoices within Mace with workflows and the central dashboard. If an invoice matches the criteria of an associated PO, the system can transfer that invoice directly to Mace for posting and payment.

Accounts payable visibility that ensures accountability

A step-by-step history of invoice transactions, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Gain a complete, searchable archive for reference and auditing purposes.

Unlock the potential of Mace

Boost your investment in Mace by giving your staff flexible approval workflows, automated invoice processing, automated PO matching and more.

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