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Our digital journey

We are a technology company which specialises in Digital Transformation.

Stratas came to life in 2013, with an innovative approach to focus on the information contained in a document, instead of the document itself.

Through combining¬†people, process and technology, we help customers look at where the paper and the manual processes lie within the business.

Using automation, we create digital workflows that route business critical information quickly and efficiently around the business, making our customers more productive and competitive.

Data Forge combines a wealth of complimentary and best-in-class software platforms under a single, cohesive offering. Bringing together all of our partners such as Palette, Mitie, Canon and Toshiba, Data Forge provides a solution tailored to our customers needs.

When we automate a specific process, we deploy a software robot which targets and improves business processes, removing human interaction and automating repetitive tasks. We call these FlowBots and we have one for every business process. Each FlowBot brings together a number of different technologies to capture documents, extract information and route it around the business.

Every organisation is different, which is why spending time getting to know your business and its requirements is crucial.

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