Accounts Payable automation SAP

Accounts Payable automation for SAP

Accounts Payable automation for SAP

My business uses SAP, can I automate Accounts Payable with my existing ERP?

Yes! Using our Accounts Payable automation platform, Stratas can seamlessly connect to over 200 ERPs – including SAP. This means it’s easier than ever to automate Accounts Payable. With a simple, intuitive set-up process, you will be ready to go in no time. 

ISPnext and SAP

With our partner ISPnext we can integrate seamlessly with the leading ERP system SAP. Whether you work with an on-premise version of SAP or are ready for the cloud version of SAP: SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public. With ISPnext’s connection, you can experience an automatic flow of data to work as efficiently and compliantly as possible. 

Where traditional ERP systems are not set up for the entire BSM process, or not equipped for the end-to-end process, Stratas and ISPnext offers a streamlined addition to your SAP environment. 

  • The integration with SAP delivers a better user experience (UI/UX);
  • Simpler, more sophisticated and efficient routing.
  • More matching possibilities.

Use the current data from your SAP version and integrate it within your Source-to-Pay process. Fast and error-free handling of procurement and financial processes is guaranteed.

The benefits of the SAP integration

Improved data quality

Linking with SAP strengthens data integrity and data quality. Data is effortlessly synchronised between the two systems, minimising errors due to manual input. This provides you with reliable and consistent information about your business activities. 

More efficient processes

The integration significantly optimises your Finance & Procurement processes by smoothly exchanging data between ISPnext and SAP. This results in faster decision-making and improved operational efficiency. Your team concentrates on valuable tasks instead of manual transfer of data. 

Realtime insights

Data synchronisation with SAP provides real-time insight into your business performance. So you react proactively to changes in the market and make quick decisions to strengthen your competitive position. 

Improved supplier relations

With an integrated system, collaboration between your teams is better and you offer a higher level of service. Supplier information, order history and stock levels are readily available, resulting in faster and more personalised service. 

Cost savings

By automating data exchange, manual operations are minimized, which reduces the risk of error. In addition, the link reduces operational costs. Your organisation can work more efficiently; significant long-term cost savings are on the horizon. 

Realtime interface

Real-time integration with SAP is developed in the areas of; master data, financial entries, orders and receipts. You minimise manual operations and the finance department gets more work for other activities. Thanks to the advanced link, the data from your ERP system SAP is always transparent and up-to-date.

Would you like to find out more about how AP automation could be a good fit for your business? Get in touch.

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