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Ideas Management

Collabor8 is an innovative social platform designed by Stratas to allow people, regardless of their geography, to create, share and refine ideas online.

It’s good to share and many heads are always better than one, however, it is often difficult to bring everyone together to generate ideas.

Anyone who interacts with your organisation can now be brought together to provide their thoughts and suggestions on any range of topic. Every opinion matters and Collabor8 provides you with the means to gather them all.


“Innovation - the heart of the knowledge economy - is fundamentally social.” 
Malcolm Gladwell Speaker, Author, Researcher & Thought Leader.

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Find out how Stratas and Collabor8 can help you:

  • Engage with your customers
  • Partner with suppliers
  • Brainstorm any topic
  • Crowdfund ideas
  • Solve problems collectively
  • Drive innovation

“The Collabor8 platform from Stratas gave the Charity IT Leaders a great footing to create and explore ideas that we brought to life at the 2015 Annual Conference live Hackathon event.  It formed an ideal base to formulate, share, vote and work through Hack sprints and we will use it again to further develop the brilliant ideas that came from the members using the platform and attending the event.”

Tina Parfitt, Charity IT Leaders Conference Organiser and Director of the Service Division, NatCen Social Research

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