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The challenges and benefits

Common mail challenges

High costs

  • Managing incoming mail manually is a people intensive process which consumes valuable resources, such as time and labour costs. Moreover, re-delivering internal mail by post, duplicating paper and physical mail storage all contribute to additional costs.

Low productivity and inefficiency

  • Manual creation, processing and archiving of signed paper delivery notes are all time consuming and error prone. Multiple copies of a delivery note for one order can also lead to lost documents and late delivery.

Inadequate control

  • Manual mail management, such as sorting or extracting data from documents, can generate business critical errors. Manually sorting and delivering mail means there’s no traceability of who has viewed the mail, when it was viewed, or what was answered.

Poor compliance

  • Regulatory and internal information governance requirements have become more onerous; when managing, distributing or storing mail manually meeting these requirements can be very difficult.

‘4 in 5 organisations do not scan half of their inbound mail and 50% of companies feel they would be more productive with digital documentation tools’ AIIM

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The advantages of digitsing mail

Reduced costs

  • Quicker mail sorting times means employees who are dedicated to this task can spend time on more value-add activities. Save time and money by decreasing the need for paper copies and printing, as well as eliminating the need for internal postal services.

Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Achieve a faster organisational decision making process thanks to digital workflows that allow mail to be distributed more quickly, as well as mail to be read and processed via mobile devices.

Greater control

  • Achieve greater control thanks to auto-validation rules for your incoming mail - in any format or from any channel. Allow only relevant mail to be sent to the right end-users and make customers and stakeholders happier thanks to live process status visibility and less lost mail.

Improved compliance

  • Your office internal information governance policies find stronger compliance. All incoming mail gets automatically stored digitally and securely whilst its traceability is also under control - from point-of-entry down to every step of the distribution process.

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Faster customer responsiveness due to a more efficient and controlled information flow, with improved compliance and reduced costs.