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Document Management

Store, share, track, process and manage documents quickly and efficiently.

Paper-based documents add little value to a business. However, scanning and electronically tagging using metadata properties could allow documents to become relevant, secure and easy to find.

We help businesses scan, organise, store and retrieve documents electronically from one centralised location, reducing paper and related costs. Our solutions easily integrate with bespoke and industry-specific software including common packages for accounting, legal case management, HR, student records and any other document existing within the business.

Work more efficiently, in line with legal requirements concerning storage, processing and retention of documents.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved customer service response with information accessible in seconds
  • Improved efficiency by eliminating the need to store and search for paper documents
  • Reduced workload surrounding audits and inspections
  • Continuity planning to provide protection from fire, flood, theft or loss
  • Become more complaint with controlled access to sensitive data
  • Access documents anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices.

“True lifecycle management, activity recording and document retrieval capability from multiple locations. Simple, powerful and driven by compliance.”