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The Key Benefits of Electronic Document Management

With the cost of living crisis, cutting costs where possible is going to be a key priority for most businesses. As a result, we predict that this will be the driver for many businesses to kickstart their digital transformation. Switching to an electronic document management system is, without a doubt, a great place to start.

We all know that paper-based documents add little value to a business, especially when they cannot be accessed remotely. However, by scanning, digitally storing, and electronically tagging documents using metadata properties, they can become more relevant, secure, and easier to find.

And, this is just one benefit of embracing electronic document management in 2021.

The key benefits of electronic document management include:

  • Improved customer service response, as information is accessible in seconds.
  •  Improved efficiency by eliminating the need to store and search for paper documents.
  •  Reduced workload surrounding audits and inspections.
  •  Increased compliance as a result of controlled access to sensitive data.
  •  Access to documents anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices, via a convenient app.
  •  Integration with existing systems, such as Salesforce, Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.

At Stratas, we help businesses of all sizes to manage their document life cycles more efficiently. We enable you to scan, organise, store, and retrieve documents electronically from one centralised location. Our solutions easily integrate with bespoke and industry-specific software including packages for accounting, legal case management, human resources, and any other document existing within the business.

To find out more information about the benefits of electronic document management, learn more or book a demo.

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