About Stratas

We are digital transformation specialists

Since 2010, the Stratas team have been helping create digital enterprises through innovative solutions which focus on information, not documents.

We believe that by working together we can do things better. So, we take the time to understand your business culture and goals. This enables us to design unique solutions that deliver tangible results.

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Evolving Business processes with Data Forge

Our aim is to evolve your business processes through automation, no matter where you currently are on your digital journey.

Data Forge is our people, process and technology platform. This is used to transform your existing systems and free up key resources. As a result, your business can become more focused and competitive.


Without people, processes cannot be driven and technology becomes redundant. Therefore, we consider the impact of each solution on the people and working practices within an organisation. This ensures an optimal end-user experience.


We focus on the processes and data behind business challenges. We analyse, measure, and document existing processes to understand the organisational needs before designing and implementing new solutions.


We believe that the solution drives the technology, not the other way around. So, we do not focus on replacing software. Instead, we aim to integrate and leverage your existing technology to maximise efficiency and your investment.

Our business culture

Working at Stratas is about collaboration and striving to do better.

We believe that through providing a great quality work environment, our passionate and hardworking team are motivated to provide the same quality service to our clients.

Additionally, we proudly use the solutions we provide within our own processes, so all solutions are tried and tested.

Meet our Management team

David Wilson

Managing Director

A serial entrepreneur with a lateral approach to problem-solving, David leads our pioneering approach to digital transformation.

His goal is to build an agile company that both clients and staff feel proud to be associated with. This vision is shared by the Board and management team.

Matthew Brown Commercial Director

Matthew Brown

Commercial Director

Matthew has spent over 15 years working with organisations to help them on their journey towards Digital Transformation. 

With a hands-on approach and a desire to always find a better way of doing things, Matt leads sales activity within the business.

Ashley Hamer Chief Innovation Officer

Ashley Hamer

Chief Innovation Officer

Ashley has spent over 30 years helping organisations of all sizes innovate and optimise document-based processes.

With a passion for delivering process excellence, he leads the organisations technology partnerships and delivery through the Data Forge platform.

Rachel Lockley

Purchase-to-Pay Solutions Director

Specialising in Procure to Pay processes, Rachel has 21 years of experience within Accounts Payable and Shared Services Management, together with over 10 years deploying P2P workflow solutions.

Rachel passionately helps finance teams transition from paper-based processes to automation every day.

James Boot-Handford

Head of Professional Services

James has been designing, developing, and deploying document digitisation and management solutions for over 10 years.

James leads the technical team with a focus on process efficiency and innovation.

Ken Vinton

Operations and Project Manager

Ken has 15 years’ experience of shaping operational support to key clients.

As a member of the Stratas team for over 7 years, he is responsible for the delivery of client implementation projects that span the Data Forge platform.