The Digital Transformation Leaders Dinner

On 16th June, Stratas and BusinessOptix welcomed digital transformation leaders to The Loft at The Ivy Club for an evening of great conversation with like-minded individuals. Our guests were greeted at the iconic venue with a champagne reception, followed by a 3-course meal of British classics, and a motivational talk from former Royal Marine, Baz Gray.
The Digital Transformation Leaders Dinner aimed to bring together individuals driving key digital transformation projects for organisations in the UK. In a digital and remote world, we wanted to give our guests the opportunity to discuss business transformation outside of a corporate setting. This made for a wonderful evening.

We encouraged our guests to discuss innovation, process improvement, and the technology that is driving it. With this in mind, we presented BusinessOptix. The process transformation toolkit equips organisations to build an agile, resilient, and continuously adaptable organisation by transforming business processes.

Effective leadership and collaboration are key to the success of an organisation’s digital transformation journey. Therefore, we invited former Royal Marine, Baz Gray, who completed a 1,200km solo trip to the South Pole, to be our speaker for the evening. He told his inspirational story of resilience, a strong mindset, and overcoming challenges as he accomplished various polar expeditions. We hope this talk resonated with our guests as they navigate their own digital transformation journeys.

Why do digital transformation leaders need businessoptix?

BusinessOptix is the process transformation toolkit which enables organisations to accelerate business process transformation and reduce operational costs. This is achieved through process mining, mapping, scenario modelling and simulation tools.

As a digital transformation leader, BusinessOptix can enable you to:

  • easily document a future state process from your current state process model.
  • show process owners and other stakeholders the current, future and change state and quickly switch between them.
  • capture high-level metrics on the costs and revenue associated with activities in the current state process model and how costs and revenue change in the future state.
  • rapidly iterate and produce the information needed for your business case.

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We’re digital transformation specialists. Our aim is to evolve business processes through process transformation and automation solutions, no matter where you currently are on your digital journey.

We use Data Forge, our people, process, and technology platform, to transform your existing systems and free up key resources. Enable your organisation to become more focused and competitive.

Are you leading digital transformation projects in any area of your organisation? Get in touch to learn more about BusinessOptix or show your interest in future events.

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