Does SAP have AP automation?

Does SAP have AP automation?

Does SAP have AP automation?

Yes! Using our AP automation platform,  Stratas can seamlessly connect to over 200 ERP’s – including SAP. This means it’s easier than ever to automate Accounts Payable. There is no need to switch platforms or implement new processes. With a simple, intuitive set up process, you will be ready to go in no time.

How does AP automation work?

AP automation uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract any relevant information from invoices and purchase orders (POs). OCR then translates text from the document into a code that can be used for data processing. The invoice data is placed into a digital workflow which will then automatically post payment suppliers as long as everything is correct.

If anything doesn’t match, our AP automation software efficiently routes invoices directly to the responsible individuals. This individual will then have the option of approving invoices directly in the SAP system through a cloud-based web application on their desktop or mobile device or by email.

What are the benefits of AP automation?

  • Find invoices easily – Are you spending time searching for lost documents? Gain instant visibility of invoices and become more efficient with your time.
  • Become more secure – Do you want to detect fraud and comply with regulations? Secure your documents in the cloud.
  • Cut cycle times – Can it take weeks to process an invoice in full? Use your invoices to cut cycle times and negotiate discounts from suppliers.
  • Access everything from anywhere – Do you usually need to be in the office to approve invoices? With mobile access, your team can process invoices anywhere, anytime.
  • Boost employee morale – By reducing manually intensive tasks your staff will have more time to spend on other, value-based activities.

Are you ready to automate Accounts Payable? Set up a call today!

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